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PT. Indonaldini Group was founded in Jepara (in the island of Java - Indonesia) by experiences of fifteen years of their professional team with the aim of carrying out a project in mind " To become the reliable partner for the commercializing, production and export of raw materials that characterize the Indonesian teritory throughout the world".


PT. Indonaldini Group is a solid reference point to meet every need by providing a wide range of products and quality services with the help of experts with specific territorial technical, construction and management knowledge.


PT. Indonaldini Group, in the course of its history, has experienced the evolution and transformation of the market in all its phases and now it is ready to take up the challenge in the coming years in the sign of knowledge and experience given by the close and exclusive relationship with the dynamics of Indonesian territory thanks to potential that allows it to rule the entire cycle of raw materials.


PT. Indonaldini Group always prioritize customer satisfaction. We always provide the best service to deliver the products desired by each customer. Our products including bookcases and cabinets, buffet, armoires, chest of drawers, tv cabinets, hallstands, mirrors, mirror consoles, console tables, desk chair, desk, dining table, dining chairs, coffee table, chair, sofa, barstool, fireplace, birdcage, occasional furniture, small tables, kitchen chairs, pub furniture, sideboard, bureaus, writing table, wall table, plantstand, dressing tables, bedside, and even children furniture. We produce the highest quality products because through a very rigorous selection process, so customer will not be disappointed with the product.


We market our products direcly to various countries including Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada and others. Contact us now and we will help you get a quality product at a competitive price.


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Victorian bookcase 4 doors

Chippendale china cabinet

Wine table carved leg

Victorian bar stool